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    National high-tech enterprise

    Xuchuan Chemical was incorporated in 2007.,as the largest polyurethane resins manufacture for shoe/artificial leather industry in China, it has 4 modern production bases and total production capacity is 520,000MT/Year. The main products are all ranges polyester polyol, polyurethane resin for shoes (polyether and polyester), water-based and solvent-free polyurethane resins for artificial leather, polyurethane bonding adhesives and polyurethane hot melt adhesives.

    It is a state-level hi-tech enterprise that specializes in product R&D, production and sales and offers all-around raw materials and technical solutions to clients.

    After 20 years' development, Xuchuan chemical has become the largest polyurethane resins manufacture in shoe/leather industry in China, and also export to more than 20 countries. Our new No.5 plant will open and start production in 2017, and PR capacity will increase significantly.Let's walk ahead together for a brighter future!




    Comprehensive strength of super team

           The company sticks to the principle of technological innovation. Resin R&D center has 90 professional research personnel, two of whom have doctor’s degree (with an overseas returnee), and 10 of whom have master’s degree. They form an outstanding group with high technology, rich practical experience and appropriate division. It establishes the foundation for technological innovation and industrialization.



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